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Thursday, August 11, 2011


The annual dolphin hunt in Taiji is scheduled to resume in three weeks, September 1.
We know that our film has created massive awareness, we see countless letters, emails, petitions, protests. We also know that this year, celebrities, TV series, crowds are planning to show up on the shores of “the little town with a really big secret”….which of course is no longer a secret.


What can one do?


Ric O’Barry is heading there, and if you choose to join him, read this

Remember, we support non-confrontational, legal encounters in Taiji.  Militant actions will not be tolerated.  Also, Japanese police forces have been readying for large groups.  Let’s remember that Ric has spent years developing a good relationship with the local police. No one would want to jeopardize that.
So if you are above 18, able to pay for travel and lodging, and able to retain dignity and calm, go join Ric.


Local action


Another alternative is to Celebrate Japan Dolphins Day by organizing or participating in one of many events around the world.

Check this map to see if there is an event near you.
If not, find your local Japanese Embassy or Consulate and organize a peaceful protest or event of your own.
This is a positive, celebratory day, follow Ric's blog for messaging info.



Continue to support groups that work to end suffering of all creatures, but especially dolphins. Tell friends, colleagues, family to Just Say No, Just Don’t Go


   Dolphin Parks.

   Swim With Dolphin Programs.

   Hotels and Lodges that feature captive dolphins on the property.

   Dolphin “Trainer For A Day” programs.

   Dolphin “Research” facilities that charge large amounts to interact with dolphins.

   Cruise lines that feature stops at Swim With Dolphin Parks.

The Captive Dolphin industry is fueled by money, not love.

If audiences stop buying tickets, these special creatures can stay wild and free.

~Happy Celebrate Japan Dolphins Day~

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