The Cove Screens in the West Indies

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My family and I used to live in Antigua. Here is one of a number of islands in the Eastern Caribbean that sells its whaling votes to Japan so that at the IWC, there is the illusion that killing endangered animals in an International Marine Sanctuary is OK.

We've shown The Cove here on the island twice this past week to packed houses, once at the local museum in St. John's and once at a private screening of a locally celebrated architect and artist wife. At both screenings, everyone cheered when it was announced that Dominica withdrew it's support of Japan. This tells me that once The Cove is shown widely, the winds of change may be blowing in for Antiguans who overwhelmingly are against support of Japan at the IWC. A few years ago, an informal survey showed about 3,000 signatures against Antigua's support of Japan and a mere 8 for supporting them. One of the environmental ministers told me at an IWC meeting a few years ago that Antiguans weren't intelligent enough to make decisions regarding their whaling vote. That same minister couldn't name one cetacean that swam in Antiguan waters.  

The local screenings of The Cove was big news here, we made the television morning show, both local newspapers, and a local radio station. There were some interesting interviews.
The Cove film will be broadcast on television across the Caribbean later this the year and I'm looking forward to seeing the impact the movie has on the islands. This island really is one of the most beautiful places in the world but their reputation is in shambles as a tourist destination because of their support of whaling. We hope to change that very soon, one screening of The Cove at a time...

All the best in the New Year,